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As women go through the natural stages of life, such as aging, pregnancy, childbirth, hormone fluctuations, and menopause, it’s common for the pelvic floor muscles to weaken. This weakening can lead to concerns like stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, and a decrease in sexual sensation and satisfaction.
To effectively strengthen the pelvic floor and address these issues, the YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic presents the VTone procedure. VTone is a safe and non-surgical solution, backed by FDA clearance and Health Canada Certified, that utilizes Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) along with neuromuscular re-education to rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles. This gentle approach aims to provide effective results and restore comfort and confidence for women’s overall well-being.
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How does it work?

During a VTone session, a single-use electro stimulator is gently inserted into the vaginal canal. The electro stimulator triggers involuntary muscle contractions, which work to tone and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. These contractions specifically target the muscle fibers that may have become weakened or overstretched due to pregnancy and childbirth.

By engaging in this treatment, women can experience improvements in urinary incontinence, sexual satisfaction, and overall pelvic floor muscles strength. For a comprehensive understanding of how VTone can cater to your unique needs and goals, it is recommended to consult with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff/RNs. They will provide personalized insights and guide you through the treatment process.

At YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, VTone Treatment Improves:
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)
  • Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Vaginal Laxity
  • Bladder Leaks
  • Urge to Urinate
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Frequent Bathroom Visits
  • Frequent Waking to Pee
  • Vaginal Laxity
  • Decreased Libido
  • Vulvar, Labial Laxity
  • Vulvar, Labial Laxity
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Procedure time: The VTone procedure typically takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. However, it’s important to note that the exact duration may vary depending on individual circumstances and treatment requirements. To get accurate information about the procedure time for your specific situation, it’s recommended to consult with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff/RNs.

Downtime/Recovery time: With VTone there is no need for recovery or downtime. The results are cumulative, meaning they build up over time, and you can expect to experience the maximum benefits after 1-2 weeks of completing the last treatment.

Pain level: The pain level during VTone treatments is typically minimal, patients typically describe it as a vibrator. Measures are taken to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment, and any discomfort is generally well-tolerated.

Number of sessions required: The number of treatments required for VTone can vary depending on individual needs and goals. Generally, most patients benefit from a series of multiple treatments to achieve optimal results. A typical treatment plan consists of 6-8 sessions spaced at regular intervals (2-3 weeks). However, the exact number of treatments will be determined by our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff/RNs.

Results: The treatments provide significant improvements in pelvic floor muscles strength, addressing issues such as urinary incontinence, sexual satisfaction, and muscle strength. Results are notable and can continue to improve over time with multiple treatments.

Risks/Side effects: During VTone treatments, there are potential risks and side effects to be aware of. These include pain during or after the procedure, swelling in the treatment area lasting up to a week, skin irritation, possible herpes eruption for HSV carriers, and the rare possibility of infection if proper care is not taken. It is important to follow pre & post-operative instructions and promptly inform our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff/RNs of any concerning symptoms such as excessive redness, swelling, or signs of infection.

Contraindications for treatment: Before considering VTone treatments, it is important to be aware of the contraindications. These include pregnancy or plans to become pregnant, active pelvic infection, severe pelvic organ prolapses, pelvic implants or mesh, recent vaginal surgery, active cancer in the treatment area, and certain blood disorders or the use of blood thinning medications.

Booster/ Maintenance treatment: Following the initial series of VTone treatments, periodic booster sessions are recommended to maintain and enhance the results. The frequency of booster treatments will vary based on individual needs and goals, typically occurring every few months or as advised by our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff/RNs. These sessions provide ongoing support for pelvic floor muscles health and help sustain the benefits of VTone. Consulting with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff/RNs will ensure a personalized treatment plan that includes appropriate booster sessions for your specific requirements.

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Price & Financing

The VTone treatment price is starting at $245 per treatment.

Additional: If you get six (6) VTone you will get an additional 5% discount from the original single treatment price.

For the complete price and package details see our price list.

Need Help With Financing?

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Frequently Asked Questions
VTone is a recommended solution for women experiencing urinary incontinence who wish to avoid bladder mesh surgery. It also offers benefits for enhancing pelvic floor muscles and increasing sexual pleasure. Choose VTone to address urinary incontinence and strengthen your pelvic floor, empowering you to enjoy improved confidence and intimacy.

During the VTone treatment, it is highly unlikely that you will accidentally urinate. The purpose of the treatment is to strengthen and train the pelvic floor muscles, which can help improve urinary control. However, if you have concerns or specific questions about the treatment process, it is best to consult with our YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Staff/RNs. They can provide detailed information and address any concerns you may have regarding the VTone treatment.

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Disclaimer: As with any medical procedure, the suitability of the above treatments may vary for each individual. It is essential that a highly skilled practitioner evaluates each patient's suitability before proceeding with the treatment. Moreover, the responsible practitioner should diligently inform patients about any potential risks associated with the procedure, as well as provide comprehensive guidance on pre and post-operative care. Additionally, it is crucial to note that individual outcomes can differ, and there are no absolute guarantees of specific results.