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Vaginal Laxity
Have you ever found that your vagina felt loose after giving birth to a child?

Vaginal laxity refers to the sensation of looseness in the vagina experienced by most women. It can occur naturally or as a result of vaginal delivery after pregnancy. Other factors that can contribute to vaginal laxity include menopause (GSM), aging, and pelvic surgery. Vaginal laxity can lead to a loss of sensation during sexual intercourse and reduced sexual satisfaction. It may also impact sexual functioning, body image, and overall quality of life for affected individuals. While vaginal laxity is a common concern, it is often underrecognized and undertreated. However, there are treatments available to address this issue.
The Treatments That We Offer At YHVH Medical Aesthetics Are:
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, vaginal laxity is a common concern for many women, particularly women who have given birth or experienced hormonal changes. Vaginal laxity is a normal occurrence, and there are treatment options available at YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic for those who experience discomfort or desire improvement in vaginal tightness.
The symptoms associated with vaginal laxity include:
  • Loss of sensation during intercourse
  • Decreased sexual satisfaction
It may not be entirely preventable, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of vaginal laxity. These include: Maintaining good weight Avoid smoking Proper hygiene Regular gynecological check-ups.