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Rosacea (Facial Flushing & Redness)
Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is indicated by facial flushing, visible blood vessels and persistent redness of the face. They are usually more common in people with light skin (skin types I, II, III). It typically starts at the age of 30 and tends to worsen over time. It usually happens in the cheeks, ears, chin, nose, and forehead. Several things can trigger it, such as sun damage, skin tone, and your environment. Other triggers include hot drinks, spicy foods, and alcohol. 
Frequently Asked Questions
The cause of rosacea is currently unknown, but it can be attributed to genetics, an overactive immune system, or even factors from your environment. Since the cause is unknown, it isn’t easy to prevent this condition. Avoiding triggers in the environment can help ease the symptoms. However, it is important to note that it is not contagious.
Rosacea is a widespread condition reported to affect about 10% of fair-skinned people. Despite being so common, it’s usually misunderstood and undertreated. If you suspect you have this condition, it’s recommended to get it treated by us!