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Skin Tags/Lesions/Warts

Do skin tags, or lesions concern you?

YHVH Medical & Aesthetics Clinic can safely eliminate these skin growths for smoother, cleaner skin.

Moles, skin tags, lesions, and warts are harmless but unsightly skin growths. Pigmented cell clusters form moles. Skin tags are tiny, soft, dangling growths that develop when skin brushes against skin or clothes. Skin lesions may be elevated, flat, or coloured.

People of all ages and skin types are susceptible to developing skin tags, lesions and warts. Common skin growths may manifest in any area of the body. Even though they don’t pose any health risks, many individuals prefer to have them removed for aesthetic reasons or because they’re bothersome. People with skin tags, lesions, or warts who want cleaner skin often seek methods to eliminate them.

Please Note: Before treatment of skin growths we need a prior doctor’s/specialist assessment report to confirm that these skin growths/ acne scarring/ abnormalities/ tumors are benign and not cancerous in nature.

YHVH Medical & Aesthetics Clinic removes skin tags, warts, and blemishes using different ways. 

The Treatments That We Offer At YHVH Medical Aesthetics Are:
Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes skin tags and moles are caused by excess skin rubbing against each other, making unwanted skin grow. The following underlying medical conditions include:

  • Diabetes
  • Unhealthy blood sugar levels
  • Metabolic syndrome

No, skin tags, benign moles, and lesions are all non-cancerous and pose no significant health risks. Removing these skin growths is usually for aesthetic reasons or because they bother the individual with these.