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Facial Contouring/Remodeling

Experience YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic’s revolutionary EVOKE facial remodeling treatment designed to tighten the skin, burn fat and contour the face in a safe, non-invasive manner.
With Health Canada’s and FDA’s seal of approval, this cutting-edge technology enables us to address concerns such as sagging cheeks, jowls, and an undefined jawline. Say goodbye to the need for surgery or downtime. Utilizing advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology, EVOKE delivers remarkable results without the need for invasive procedures. This non-surgical and painless treatment is a go-to solution for achieving a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Trust in our expertise to enhance your facial contours and restore your natural beauty.

Beware of Fake Treatments!

YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic is a registered provider of Inmode’s Evoke Treatment.

How Does It Work?

EVOKE facial contouring uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to reshape and redefine the face. Controlled RF energy is applied to the targeted areas with a headpiece adjusted to your comfort. It helps in stimulating collagen production, improving facial contours and burning fat. The treatment is non-invasive and well-tolerated, providing a safe and effective option for enhancing facial appearance without surgery or downtime. The gradual results help achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

At YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, Evoke Treatment Improves:
  • Double Chin
  • Face Slimming
  • Sharp Jawline
  • Loose Skin
  • Face Tightening
  • Stubborn Fat
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Procedure time: In just 15 – 45 minutes, this innovative treatment can help enhance the contours of your face and provide a more youthful and refreshed look.

Downtime/Recovery time: Evoke is a non-invasive facial tightening procedure that typically involves minimal downtime. After the treatment, you may experience some mild redness or swelling, but these effects are temporary and usually subside within a short period of time. This means you can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure without any significant interruption or recovery period.

Pain level: Evoke is generally well-tolerated and considered to be a comfortable procedure. The treatment utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to target the deeper layers of the skin, and some individuals may experience a warm or tingling sensation during the session. However, any discomfort is typically minimal and temporary. The Evoke device also incorporates built-in temperature monitoring and control mechanisms to ensure the treatment is safe and comfortable for the patient.

Number of sessions required: The number of Evoke sessions needed can vary depending on individual factors and treatment goals. Typically, a series of 3-6 sessions a week apart is recommended to achieve optimal results. The exact number of sessions can be determined during a consultation with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff, who will assess your specific needs and customize a treatment plan for you. It’s important to follow the recommended treatment schedule to maximize the benefits of Evoke facial remodeling.

Results: The Acquire, Control, and Extend technique (ACE) used in Evoke treatments ensures precise and balanced treatment across all targeted areas. This technique allows for optimal sculpting of the tissues, avoiding both over-treatment and under-treatment. By utilizing ACE technique, the desired results can be achieved, providing a natural and full appearance.

Risks/Side effects: Evoke is a safe and non-invasive treatment with minimal risks. However, like any medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects to consider. Some possible risks associated with Evoke include temporary redness, swelling, or mild discomfort in the treated areas. These effects are generally mild and subside on their own within a few hours to a few days. It’s important to follow pre and post-treatment care instructions provided by our YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic.

Contraindications for treatment: Evoke has a few contraindications to consider. It should not be performed on pregnant women, individuals with active infections or open wounds, or those who have recently undergone facial surgery or received facial injections. If you have implanted electronic devices, such as pacemakers or defibrillators, it is important to inform our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff. Individuals with certain skin sensitivities or disorders may not be suitable candidates.

Booster/ Maintenance treatment: Periodic booster and maintenance treatments are recommended after the initial Evoke treatment to sustain and enhance the results. The frequency of these sessions varies based on individual needs, typically occurring every 6-12 months. Our YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff will evaluate your progress and advise the appropriate schedule for these treatments during follow-up (2-3 months) visits. However, individual results may vary, and some individuals may choose to undergo additional sessions to further enhance their results or address specific concerns.

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Price & Financing

The Evoke treatment price is starting at $190.

Additional: If you get eight (8) Evoke treatments you will get an additional 10% discount from the original single treatment price.

For the complete price and package details see our price list.

Need help with financing?

YHVH Medical Clinic is proud to offer convenient financing options throughout our partnership with Medicard, ensuring you can access the desired treatment you deserve with an affordable payment plan.

Applying for financing is quick and easy, simply click the button below to visit the online application.

Medicard will handle the payment directly to us, and you can enjoy the convenience of pre-authorized monthly or semi-monthly payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions
EVOKE facial contouring can effectively target and improve various areas of the face, including the cheeks, jawline, chin, jowls, and submental areas (double chin).
EVOKE facial contouring is available at YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic and can be synergistically combined with other aesthetic treatment modalities offered. One such combination is Evoke and Morpheus8, which delivers enhanced skin tightening and improved results for the face and double chin. This powerful combination not only maximizes the efficacy of the treatments but also enhances patient satisfaction by achieving superior outcomes.

For further awareness please view brochure

Disclaimer: As with any medical procedure, the suitability of the above treatments may vary for each individual. It is essential that a highly skilled practitioner evaluates each patient's suitability before proceeding with the treatment. Moreover, the responsible practitioner should diligently inform patients about any potential risks associated with the procedure, as well as provide comprehensive guidance on pre and post-operative care. Additionally, it is crucial to note that individual outcomes can differ, and there are no absolute guarantees of specific results.