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Enlarged/Clogged Pores

Your pores are very important in releasing oil to your skin to keep it soft and comfortable. However, over time, your pores can become clogged with oil, dirt and dead skin, which can also cause them to become enlarged. This can happen due to many things, such as applying comedogenic makeup, which tends to clog your pores easily. Too much exposure to the sun can also enlarge your pores. This condition can easily be treated with facial products and by taking proper care of your skin, such as washing it twice daily and wearing sunscreen whenever you go outside. Remember that washing your face too often can also dry up your skin. It is also recommended to remove makeup before you go to sleep to prevent blocking your pores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular makeup can harm your pores, blocking them and preventing your skin from breathing. Despite this, there are ways to minimize the effects of makeup and make it less harmful. Choosing makeup that fits your skin type is important so it doesn’t make your skin even oilier or drier than it already is. Water-based/Oil free makeup can also be helpful since it won’t clog your pores as much. It’s also helpful to take your makeup off before going to sleep. Sleeping with your makeup on can combine with oil and dirt from your skin, clogging your pores.

Squeezing or picking at pores is not recommended as it leads to skin irritation, inflammation, and potential scarring. It will also worsen the problem as it pushes bacteria and dirt deeper into the pores. Rather than this, go buy our appropriate skincare treatments like HydraFacial and AlumierMD® products.