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EvolveX Transform

Body Sculpting/Contouring

When it comes to achieving your desired body shape and getting rid of stubborn fat, YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic has the solution for you. Our body sculpting treatments are designed to effectively target and tighten the skin, as well as address persistent fat deposits that may be bothering you.

One of our popular treatments is EvolveX, a cutting-edge body sculpting option that offers remarkable results in body contouring, skin tightening, and muscle toning. Whether you’ve gone through a weight loss journey, experienced changes due to pregnancy, or have specific medical conditions, our EvolveX treatment can help you achieve a more sculpted and toned physique.

At our Clinic, we prioritize your individual needs and goals. refreshed appearance. Our experienced team will provide you with a customized treatment plan to ensure that you receive the best possible results. With our body sculpting treatments, you can boost your confidence and achieve the body shape you desire.  

Beware of Fake Treatments!

YHVH Medical Aesthetics is a registered provider of Inmode’s EvolveX Light Technology.
How does it work?

EvolveX Transform operates by utilizing a technique called electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and bipolar radiofrequency (RF) to engage and activate specific muscle groups and heat deep layers of the skin and adipose tissue.
By delivering gentle electrical impulses to the muscles, it prompts involuntary contractions, similar to those experienced during exercise. These contractions help refine and tone the targeted muscles, leading to an enhanced appearance and increased muscle strength. On the other hand the power of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy, deeply heats the layers of skin and adipose tissue. This promotes collagen production, tightens the skin, reduces fat and improves its overall skin texture.

At YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, EvolveX Treatment Improves:
  • Body Remodeling
  • Cellulite
  • Sagging Skin
  • Abdominal Muscles Separation (Diastasis Recti)
  • Stubborn Fat
  • Unwanted Fat/ Love Handles
  • Reshape Buttocks
  • Body Contouring/ Reshaping
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Procedure time: For optimal results, it is advised to undergo weekly sessions lasting 30-60 minutes each, spanning over a period of 6-12 weeks. Significant improvements in the treated area can be observed after the initial few sessions, with further progress occurring gradually throughout the treatment course.

Downtime/Recovery time: EvolveX treatments require no recovery period or downtime. They are quick, painless, and can be conveniently done during your lunch break, allowing you to resume your regular activities right away. After the treatment, you may experience temporary redness and warmth in the treated area, but these effects typically subside within a few hours. Rest assured that you can go about your day without any significant interruptions or restrictions.

Pain level: The EvolveX treatment is known for being relatively painless. As the session progresses, you will experience a gentle and soothing warming sensation, akin to that of a hot stone massage. Many patients find this sensation to be quite comfortable and even relaxing, making the treatment a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Number of sessions required: The number of sessions required for EvolveX can vary depending on individual goals and desired outcomes. Generally, a series of weekly (6-8) sessions is recommended, with each session lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Results: EvolveX treatments can lead to noticeable enhancements in various aspects of the body’s appearance. Patients often observe a reduction in skin folds, resulting in smoother body contours and a more defined silhouette. Additionally, the treatment helps to improve the texture of the skin, creating a more even and refined look. These results contribute to an overall sculpted and rejuvenated appearance. It’s important to keep in mind that individual outcomes may vary depending on factors such as the treatment area and each person’s unique goals.

Risks/Side effects: While EvolveX treatments are generally safe and well-tolerated, there are some potential risks and side effects to be aware of. These can include temporary redness, swelling, or sensitivity in the treated area, which usually subside within a few hours. In rare cases due to sensitive skin, patients may experience mild bruising or skin irritation or superficial burn/blisters. It’s important to follow pre and post-treatment care instructions provided by our YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic.

Contraindications for treatment: While EvolveX is generally a safe and well-tolerated treatment, there are some contraindications to consider. EvolveX is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device, have active cancer or tumors, have metal implants in the treatment area, or have a history of certain medical conditions.

Booster/ Maintenance treatment: Booster treatments and maintenance for EvolveX can vary depending on individual goals and treatment outcomes. It is recommended to consult with the YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff to determine the best approach for your specific needs. They can assess your progress and provide personalized recommendations for booster sessions or maintenance treatments to help you achieve and maintain your desired results.

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Price & Financing

The EvolveX treatment price is starting at $150.

: If you get six to eight (6-8) EvolveX treatments you will get an additional 5% discount from the original single treatment price.

If you buy a package of 8 treatments for EvolveX Transform (2 belts and above), our Wellness Coach is free for you.

For the complete price and package details see our price list.

Need help with financing?

YHVH Medical Clinic is proud to offer convenient financing options throughout our partnership with Medicard, ensuring you can access the desired treatment you deserve with an affordable payment plan.

Applying for financing is quick and easy, simply click the button below to visit the online application.

Medicard will handle the payment directly to us, and you can enjoy the convenience of pre-authorized monthly or semi-monthly payments.

By Choosing medical financing option, you can benefit from competitive interest rates specifically tailored for healthcare related experiences, helping you save a significant amount compared to using a credit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions
EvolveX is a cutting-edge and reliable treatment that provides outstanding outcomes. Continuous temperature monitoring is carried out during the procedure to ensure safety and effectiveness. EvolveX is equipped with a convenient Patient Call Button, allowing you to pause the treatment at any moment and enabling YHVH Medical Aesthetic Staff to make necessary adjustments for your comfort.

For further awareness please view brochure

Disclaimer: As with any medical procedure, the suitability of the above treatments may vary for each individual. It is essential that a highly skilled practitioner evaluates each patient's suitability before proceeding with the treatment. Moreover, the responsible practitioner should diligently inform patients about any potential risks associated with the procedure, as well as provide comprehensive guidance on pre and post-operative care. Additionally, it is crucial to note that individual outcomes can differ, and there are no absolute guarantees of specific results.