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PRP/PRFM Women's Shots

If you are one of the many women who suffer from low sexual desire and loss of vaginal sensitivity, the PRP Shot may be just the thing you need. This innovative treatment, aimed at enhancing sexual wellness, is available at the YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic. By utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted from your own blood, the PRP Shot rejuvenates vaginal tissues, promotes blood flow, and enhances sensitivity. This procedure has the potential to significantly improve sexual desire, intensify orgasms, and enhance overall sexual satisfaction. To explore the benefits of the PRP Shot and receive personalized care, you can schedule a free consultation with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic RNs. This innovative treatment, aimed at enhancing sexual wellness utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted from your own blood, the PRP Shot rejuvenates vaginal tissues, promotes blood flow, and enhances sensitivity. This procedure has the potential to significantly improve sexual desire, intensify orgasms, and enhance overall sexual satisfaction.

PRFM ( Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix ) 

At the YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, we are proud to introduce Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) as an advanced and innovative treatment option along with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). While PRP has been a valuable and widely used therapy for various conditions, PRFM takes regenerative medicine to the next level. PRFM is derived from the patient’s own blood, just like PRP, but it undergoes a specialized processing method that results in a higher concentration of growth factors and fibrin (a crucial protein that plays a key role in the clotting and healing process). This enhanced formulation not only boosts the concentration of growth factors but also incorporates fibrin, promoting more effective tissue healing and regeneration. Both PRP and PRFM have their merits, and we continue to offer PRP treatments to cater to our diverse patient base. However, for those seeking an even more potent regeneration solution, PRFM stands out as an advanced alternative, providing optimal results for a wide range of medical and aesthetic concerns.

How Does It Work?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)/PRFM (Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix) shots for women work by utilizing the healing and growth factors found in your own blood to address specific concerns related to sexual wellness. The process begins by extracting a small amount of your blood. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge machine to separate the high concentrated level of platelet-rich plasma (PRP)/platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) from the blood cells. The PRP/PRFM, which is rich in healing and growth factors, is isolated and prepared for injection. To ensure your comfort during the procedure, a topical numbing cream may be applied.

The PRP/PRFM is then carefully injected into targeted areas of the genital region, such as the clitoral area, G-spot, or vaginal walls, depending on your specific concerns and goals. Once injected, the PRP/PRFM works to stimulate tissue regeneration, increase blood flow, and enhance sensitivity in the treated areas. It helps to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues, improve lubrication, and enhance sexual pleasure. The growth factors present in the PRP/PRFM promote the healing and regeneration of the genital tissues, resulting in an improved sexual experience over time.

At YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, PRP/PRFM Women’s Shots Treatment Improves:
  • Decreased Sexual Pleasure (Orgasm)
  • Decreased Vaginal Sensation
  • Decreased Libido
  • Sagging/ Wrinkled/ Enlarged Labia
  • Episiotomy Scar or Obstetric Tear Pain
  • Vaginal Laxity
AESTHETIC (Combination with M8V)
  • Episiotomy Scar or Obstetric Tear Pain
  • Re-shape Outer Female Anatomy
  • Sagging/ Wrinkled/ Enlarged Labia
  • Aesthetic Appearance
PAIN (Combination with M8V)
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Painful Sexual Intercourse
  • Episiotomy Scar or Obstetric Tear Pain
INFECTION (Combination with M8V)
  • Chronic Vaginal Infection
  • Chronic Vulvar Itching, Rash, Acne, Scar, Pain
  • Urinary Tract Infection Recurrence (UTI)
  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
URINARY LEAKING (Combination with M8V)
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)
  • Vaginal Laxity
  • Bladder Leaks
  • Urge to Urinate
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Frequent Bathroom Visits
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Procedure time: The PRP/PRFM Women’s Shot procedure takes approximately 1½ hours. This includes prep time, withdrawing of blood, application of numbing cream and the procedure itself.

Downtime/Recovery time: Following a session, you can immediately resume your daily activities. We do recommend avoiding any thermal or mechanical contact such as hot tubs, swimming, sexual intercourse, biking etc. to avoid any discomfort for 24-48 hours post PRP/PRFM treatment. Follow the pre & post care instructions provided by our YHVH Medical Aesthetic RNs.

Pain level: The PRP/PRFM Women’s Shot procedure is generally well tolerated by most patients. At YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic we use numbing cream to make sure our patients are comfortable and the procedure is pain free! You might feel a small pinch like any other injection but if you have any concerns about pain or discomfort, it is always best to discuss them with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic RNs before starting the treatment.

NitroNox system (Optional): In YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, we offer our clients NitroNox (laughing gas) as an add-on option to an anxiety free and pain free treatment/procedure experience.

Number of sessions required: The number of sessions required can vary depending on individual factors and specific goals of the treatment. However, most clients typically receive a series of 3 treatments with 4-6 week intervals to achieve optimal results. The exact number of sessions needed will be determined during your consultation with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic RNs, who will assess your condition and develop a personalized plan based on your specific needs.

Results: The treatment effects of PRP Women’s Shot treatment can last 1-2 years, depending on the initial severity of the condition. The activation of platelets in PRFM requires a window of 24-36 hours.

Risks/Side effects: PRP/PRFM Women’s Shot treatment is a safe and well-tolerated treatment as it uses your own blood, there are no risks for allergic reactions or adverse side effects. But as with any other injection you notice redness, swelling or minimal discomfort at the injection site.

Contraindications for treatment: Certain contraindications may exist for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)/PRFM (Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix) treatment. These include active infections, blood disorders affecting platelet function or clotting, the use of blood thinners, undergoing cancer treatment or chemotherapy, and active scalp dermatitis or psoriasis.

Booster/Maintenance treatment: Booster and maintenance treatments are recommended to optimize and sustain the results of the PRP/PRFM Shot. We recommend women come in once a year to maintain the results of this treatment. With regular boosters and maintenance, you can prolong the benefits of PRP/PRFM Shot and maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle.

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Price & Financing

The PRP/PRFM Women’s Shots treatment price is starting at $1200 per treatment.

Additional: If you get three (3) PRP/PRFM Women’s Shots you will get an additional 5% discount from the original single treatment price.

For the complete price and package details see our price list.

Need Help With Financing?

YHVH Medical & Aesthetic Clinic is proud to offer convenient financing options throughout our partnership with Medicard, ensuring you can access the desired treatment you deserve with an affordable payment plan.

Applying for financing is quick and easy, simply click the button below to visit the online application.

Medicard will handle the payment directly to us, and you can enjoy the convenience of pre-authorized monthly or semi-monthly payments.

By Choosing medical financing option, you can benefit from competitive interest rates specifically tailored for healthcare related experiences, helping you save a significant amount compared to using a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

The skene’s glands are two glands on each side of the urethra that lubricate the urethra opening. This lubrication acts as an antimicrobial. Whereas the clitoris is located in the upper part of the vulva. The clitoris is the main pleasure source to make you feel good and it is made of spongy tissue that becomes swollen when you are aroused.

PRP/PRFM treatment can help to increase blood flow in the female genital area. Increased blood circulation can greatly enhance the arousal and orgasm.

Yes, the PRP/PRFM can be combined with an M8V procedure that will enhance the effects of M8V treatment procedure. Please book a free consultation with our YHVH Medical Aesthetic RNs to see if you are eligible for this combo treatment. 

For further awareness please view brochure

Disclaimer: As with any medical procedure, the suitability of the above treatments may vary for each individual. It is essential that a highly skilled practitioner evaluates each patient's suitability before proceeding with the treatment. Moreover, the responsible practitioner should diligently inform patients about any potential risks associated with the procedure, as well as provide comprehensive guidance on pre and post-operative care. Additionally, it is crucial to note that individual outcomes can differ, and there are no absolute guarantees of specific results.